You can choose from one of our three partner colleges – Ayrshire College, West College, Scotland & West Lothian College.

You can apply to work at any Buzzworks venue near you – with the exception of The Duke (Kilmarnock) and The Fox (Troon).

No – we’ve got this. We will pay for all your training and cover any travel expenses you incur while travelling to/from your place of study.

This will depend on your age. If you are 16-17, you’ll earn £4.81 per hour, between 18-20 you’ll earn £8.50, 21-22 £9.18 per hour and anyone aged 23+ will receive £9.50 per hour.

Yes.  You will receive a fair share of tronc for every hour spent working in Buzzworks kitchens.

Yes. We offer all apprentices a permanent role upon completion of their course.

No. We will provide you with personalised chef whites free of charge. We’ll also get you started with a basic selection of chef’s knives.